Monday, July 25, 2005

Interacting With Persons With Disabilities

July is Disability Awareness Month, and TVB Group was recently asked by Great Physician Rehabilitation Foundation (GPR) to help in its information dissemination campaign. TVB member and Outdoor Specialist, Jufer Villanueva, has been quietly volunteering his time at GPR's center, sharing some adaptive games with children with cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome, and other disabilities.

Saturday morning he gave a talk on "Interacting With Persons With Disabilities" for the parents of the children, Nursing and Physical Therapy students, and other volunteers. GPR has requested that he give the same talk over the next few months during their info campaign. In August the target audience will be the various colleges and universities, and after that the socio-civic organizations of Oriental Negros.

After his talk, Jufer demonstrated some adaptive games that can be played by children in wheelchairs or crutches. Shown here is an adaptation of baseball for children with cerebral palsy or those unable to propel the wheelchairs themselves.


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